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More skilled specialists migrate to Germany

Wednesday, 15. January 2014
More skilled specialists migrate to Germany

Since 2009 the number of skilled specialists and other highly qualified foreigners migrating to Germany has increased steadily, according to the 2012 Migration Report, which gives a comprehensive overview of inward and outward migration. The Cabinet has now adopted the report.

Germany is an attractive destination for migrants: from 2011 to 2012 immigration figures rose from 960,000 to 1.08 million. Over the same period about 712,000 people emigrated from Germany, resulting in net migration of around 370,000 people.

Four out of every five immigrants came from other European countries, 64 per cent of them from EU member states. Another 14 per cent came from non-EU European states, 12 per cent from Asia, 3 per cent from Africa and 6 per cent from America, Australia or Oceania.

An attractive destination for skilled specialists and students

Almost 37,000 individuals came to Germany in 2012 to work. Since 2009 the number of skilled specialists and other highly qualified individuals emigrating to Germany from ‘third countries’ has increased steady, topping 27,000 in 2012. The term ‘citizens of third countries’ embraces nationals of countries that are neither members of the European Union nor the European Economic Area nor Switzerland. Most of them came from India, Croatia, the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina and China.

For students too Germany is a popular destination: 80,000 foreign students began their degree courses at German universities in 2012. This is the highest number ever recorded of foreign students beginning their courses of study in Germany.

Eleventh Migration Report
In 2000 the German Bundestag called on the German government to produce an annual migration report. The report offers a comprehensive round-up of trends in the year under review regarding inward and outward migration. The up-to-date figures can be taken as the basis for migration-policy decisions.
The 2012 Migration Report is the eleventh of its sort. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees compiled the report, and the Federal Minister of the Interior presented it to the Cabinet.

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